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Yahoo bounce message: 554 5.7.5 (AU01) Message not accepted for policy reasons

If you are not the system administrator for the mail servers affected, we encourage you to contact the administrator, so they can look into the issue further.

This error message indicates that your email wasn't accepted because it failed authentication checks against your sending domain's DomainKeys or DKIM policy. DomainKeys and its successor, DKIM, are email authentication technologies, which ensure emails really come from their claimed domain.

We only reject emails for failing DomainKeys or DKIM authentication when both of these conditions apply:
We recommend that you contact your domain's mail administrator and make them aware of the problem.

Stop all this jibber jabber, what does it mean?

Yahoo did not send your email to the Yahoo user; the recipient of your email did not received your email. The reason for this is that your email looks like it is send by a sending SMTP server who is not eligible to send email on behalf of you; the DKIM digital signature could not be validated.

Did I do something wrong?

Perhaps, but probably not.

How can I fix this?