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Yahoo bounce message: Message not allowed - [320]

This error message indicates that your email was not accepted because the mail in question may contain characteristics that Yahoo! Mail will not accept for policy reasons. For instance, it is against Yahoo! Mail's policy to accept messages with malicious content or manipulated header information, such as a falsified origination point, altered sending date, or forged email address.

If you are the administrator for the message content or mailing policies, we ask that you review outgoing messages for potentially objectionable content or practices. Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose specific information regarding our filtering practices; however, we do publish recommended guidelines at this page for review.

Stop all this jibber jabber, what does it mean?

Yahoo did not accept a particular email that you tried to send to a Yahoo email account, based on the contents of your email. The email is not delivered to the recipient.

Did I do something wrong?

Most likely, yes.

How can I fix this?

Try to find out what is wrong with your email; make sure the content of it is acceptable and your email header is not forged; e.g. use your own email address in the "FROM" field; send the email the way any regular email program would send it. Although this error is a permanent error, it only affects one particular email you have been trying to send.